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Tips for breeding parrots

Tips for breeding parrots

Breeding you parrots should not be a very difficult process to achieve as long as you follow some very basic common sense tips. Parrots require a large cage to breed in, the last thing you want to do is try and place two parrots in a small cage. This not only keeps them from being able to move about, but it makes them very unhappy. And a unhappy or otherwise stressed bird is not going to breed. So make sure the cage is large enough for two birds to move about freely and that they have some toys in it to play with. Keep in mind that male parrots like to do their courtship dances and if there is not enough room in the cage for him to do this, he make grow frustrated and harm the female.

Just like humans, parrots do not like being watched when they are breeding, so find a privet spot in your home where the birds can breed in peace. The only reason that you should enter the room that they are in is to feed and water them. If you are concerned and need to know that the parrots have bred, it is simple to set up a baby monitor in the corner of the room so that you can check on them from time to time. If you follow these two simple tips you should have no problem what so ever in breeding your parrots. Keep in mind that the less noise and the less that you disturb the parrots, the better your chances are in a successful breeding.

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